Get Down and Dirty with Beth
Get Down and Dirty with Beth

Fitness Girl to Remember

How I Met Beth

You know that awkward feeling when you have turned up late for your first fitness lesson, and everyone knows what to do, but you. Yep that was me at my first aerial hoop lesson, but I was lucky enough to get to be awkward with Beth. We have laughed our way through every move, stretch and ab crunch.

This is where our fitness love story begun.

aerial hoop fitness
Beth and I #aerialdoubles

What Makes Beth Exceptional

There are many things that make Beth exceptional. She has the ability to make you smile on a rainy day, but what really makes Beth a fitness inspiration is her determination and “I will never give up attitude“. Beth goes that extra mile every day, regardless of how she feels, what the weather is like or if it’s not her best day. She has dedicated her life to staying fit, but also helping others do the same. It’s not just about her achievements, it’s also about her clients and friends.

Beth is different, because she is ready to try any sort of fitness and she doesn’t just stick to going to the gym or exercising indoors. She even tries circus arts, aerial hoop and silks to keep fit. It’s all about mixing it up and staying open minded when it comes to fitness.

Mud Racing

Most Girls shy away from dirt and mud, but not Beth!

fitness mud racing
Get down and dirty with Beth!

Beth races regularly and has earned herself multiple times first, second and third places at National, European and International events. She is repeatedly a winner and always gives a 100%!

Beth as a PT

Beth isn’t your typical PT, she doesn’t work in a conventional gym setting. She prefers to work outside in the fresh air. She encourages working with your own body weight and not with static equipment, but being always on the move. She focuses on finding out what you enjoy doing and makes a specific exercise plan to get you loving staying fit.

Although this all sounds like airy fairy hippie style fitness – you should rest assured that Beth takes no prisoners. She is a “distance runner, aspiring triathlete, spinner, bootcamp/circuit class bunny, body pumper, CX works, suspension training lover, she lives for the adventure/mud race season – the more dirt and crazy obstacles the better; she swims, cycles, generically hits the gym, she likes to think she can surf, she attempts to kite surf, she does pole fitness and yoga and aerobics.

Beth The Poet

Who said that you can’t combine fitness and poetry?

Here is how Beth does it:

Nuclear Races Oblivion – in Song Form

When your legs don’t work like they used to before

And you can’t fathom going for a run
Will your mouth still remember the taste of the mud?
Will the splinters ever come out of your hands?

And, Nuclear, I will be hating to love you ’til I’m 70
Even though I, swore I’d never marathon again at 23
And I’m thinking ’bout how people push so hard in mysterious ways
Finding inner grit and determinat’n
Whoever said what doesn’t kill you makes you strooonger
Obviously didn’t do the oblivion

You can read the rest of her poem on her Website.

Working out with Beth

Every workout with Beth is different. This is just to give you an idea of what some can look like. A combination of home yoga, trying to learn the Yoga Scorpion and an aerial hoop move that we tried to copy from an Instagram post.


fitness scorpion
Home Yoga with Beth
aerial fitness
We be like aerial performers from Instagram.














Beth hanging out in style

 Girls don’t just play it safe – Be more like Beth!

You can find out more about Beth on her Website – Follow this incredible Girl and be inspired by her journey!

Beth is sponsored by icebug

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