A poem to our pets

A Poem to dear Dingbat Here’s to dear Dingbat a happy old hound, his tail always wagging his nose to the ground. With dreams in his whiskers and scents in his nose he shall have bunnies wherever he goes. Sweet Poppy Now...

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Get Down and Dirty with Beth

Fitness Girl to Remember

How I Met Beth You know that awkward feeling when you have turned up late for your first fitness lesson, and everyone knows what to do, but you. Yep that was me at my first aerial hoop lesson, but I was lucky enough to get to be...

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The Best Friend vs

Who is Your Best Friend?

I will live and die by Mindy’s words “a best friend is not a person, it’s a tier”.  This is the truth; no person will ever only have one best friend. Everyone has best friends from school, work, the gym or any other...

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The Upside-Down Girl Emma Wright

The Upside-Down Girl

Emma is from Dunstable, but often you can find her in her natural habitat, on a hoop or a trapeze around Cambridge. She is a woman of many talents and can help you get fit in more than one way – on an aerial hoop, in the gym...

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